Frequently Asked Questions

What is MMG?
What is Sentio MMG ®?
How do I setup the Sentio MMG ® equipment?
How do I use Sentio ®?
How does Sentio MMG ® compare to EMG?
How does Sentio MMG ® compare to other surgeon-directed EMG systems?
How does Sentio MMG ® compare to in-house or third party neuromonitoring service providers?
How is the Sentio MMG ®? technology more accurate and sensitive than other monitoring products today?
Is there a correlation between the Sentio MMG ® signal and nerve distance?
Does Sentio MMG ® use a hunting algorithm like other surgeon directed EMG systems?
Does a patient's co-morbidities affect the accuracy of the Sentio MMG® system?
What Sentio MMG® readings are considered save vs. dangerous?
With respect to anesthesia, how deep should the patient be to get optimal readings?
How important is sensor placement vs muscle location??
How can I turn the Sentio MMG® probe on/off and control current from the sterile field?