Upper Extremity Fxs

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  • Connect the Sentio ball tip probe and turn stimulation on.
  • Continue tissue dissection in the usual fashion.
  • Stimulate with the ball tip probe to locate and map nerves.
  • Use the following guidelines:
    • ‘STOP’ at 1mA = Probe in direct contact with nerve
    • ‘STOP’ at 2-6mA = Probe close to nerve, within ~ 2-6mm of nerve
    • ‘STOP’ at >6mA = Safe distance
  • Retract nerves in tissue to avoid injury.
  • This technique is especially helpful for brachial plexus surgery, surgery around the elbow area and for humeral fracture treatment. It may be used anytime nerves are believed to be close to the surgical field and at risk of injury.