Revision Spine

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  • Connect the Sentio ball tip probe and turn stimulation on.
  • Continue tissue dissection in the usual fashion.
  • Stimulate with the ball tip probe to locate and map nerves.
  • Use the following guidelines:
    • ‘STOP’ at 1mA = Probe in direct contact with nerve
    • ‘STOP’ at 2-6mA = Probe close to nerve, within ~ 2-6mm of nerve
    • ‘STOP’ at >6mA = Safe distance
  • When scar tissue in encountered, you can save time by mapping nerves in scar tissue.
  • You may save time and radiation exposure by quickly locating nerves in scar tissue.
  • Once mapped, you may retract nerves or cut around nerves as needed to avoid injury.
  • This technique is especially helpful anytime nerves are encased in scar tissue and difficult to identify in the surgical field.